How does Refericon work?

After installing the app the icon engaging customers to recommend your shop appears. The icon can take any graphic form and it can be placed in one of the four corners so as to it does not interfere with e.g. chat.

What happens when
a customer clicks the icon?

A customer will see a picture of a given product, on a subpage of which he or she is, and a description previously prepared by your stuff in the application. The content of the window aims to engage a customer to recommend your shop to their friends. In return, a customer will get a discount or a different prize, e.g. free delivery.

A customer can refer a shop in different ways

using their friend's email address

share the information on their wall or in Facebook group

send private message on Facebook

copy referral link for their friends

The application allocates prizes automatically on the basis of previously set settings in the panel of the application. You can decide if a customer can use all of the options of recommendation or only selected ones.

Subscribing to the newsletter

After recommendingo your shop, a client can subscribe to the newsletter. Question about consent will appear in the window of the application. Subscribing is not obligatory.

Gaining email addresses works in accordance with GDPR. In the panel of the application administrator you get the access to gained addresses. You can download them in txt format or do it automatically using the integration.

Integrations with platforms used to sending newsletters:

The message with
the recommendation

A receiver of the message will get an email with the content prepared by you in the panel of the application. You can enter any topic and body, and use HTML elements.


The number of the gained clients depends on many different circumstances, such as industry, promotion policy or size of a shop.

An average value based on data from over 200 clients is:

0 %

click the icon

0 %

send recommendation

0 %

make a purchase

We have been cooperating with Refericon since the beginning of its existence. It may be said that we were among one of the first to test their app,which is to be used for reference marketing. What convinced us, above all, is the possibility to monitor how often our clients recommend our products. Also, a very important thing is that the team of Refericon want the app to be highly effective. We appreciate the fact that they pursue the search for new solutions so that the tool which they offer is best adjusted to our individual needs.


A small household products

Advertising agency Fast White Cat majors in creating online shops based on Magneto platform. We are not a typical software house,though. Besides designing and creating, we want our Partners’ shops to fulfill their function – make a profit.Which is why, we have decided to introduce Refericon app to our two Partners – and In our opinion, this is the tool that successfully supports sale, trading on reference marketing. Thanks to a tasteful icon, the clients willingly click on it and recommend the products to their friends. Additionally, for us, as an agency, the cooperation is very important and ours with Refericon is a pure pleasure. With the Refericon team, everything is arranged immediately and one does not have to wait for a response for weeks.


Advertising agency

Developed out of love for beauty. We create extraordinary collections for young and dynamic women, who value professionalism and their own, original style. We want every woman to feel unique. We believe that a satisfied client will come back and tell their friends about us. Thanks to Refericon we have no doubts about it. This app made recommending of our dresses very easy. Not only do the clients recommend our products, but they also receive a gift - a discount. Thanks to full access to the data, we can see the effects of the recommendations and, if need be, optimise our campaign.



If you have more questions about Refericon feel free to write to [email protected] or use contact form from below

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