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The shop selling gadgets for geeks has gained new customers thanks to introducing referral program in eCommerce.

Pixel Box is an online shop offering surprise-boxes, which are sold in a subscription model to the fans of computer games, TV series and films. A person who orders a box, receives a mysterious content with various geek gadgets. They include t-shirts, caps, mugs or character figurines from iconic plots and stories the customers love so much. The surprise is that a person who places an order does not know what they will get and every 30 days they enjoy the new set of fantastic boxes. It does not matter whether a customer is a fan of Batman or Harry Potter; a snazzy packing crammed with toys for fans will make everyone happy. The shop has been operating since 2015. It is run by fans and experts in the field of fantasy and computer games. No wonder that they "love what they do and put work and heart in their work all the time, so that the Pixel - Box was unique."

Pixel Box stands out from other shops not only because of a subscription model with an element of expectation and surprise. It also uses communication aimed at the target group, taking into account its unique features. The group is characterized by a large dose of geek humor, but also by a solid knowledge of the product and its reference to the series. This is clearly seen in posts social media full of phrases drawn from games, books or movies on.

Employees, looking for innovative ways to reach new customers, decided to check the eCommerce dedicated referral program. From the information provided by the shop's employees and through the conducted research, we know that despite the campaign launched in January, which is a difficult trading month, Pixel Box managed to gain new customers.

  1. Challenge
  2. Pixel Box conducts marketing activities through its profile on Facebook and Instagram. We can find pictures and descriptions of available products and graphics that let you feel the atmosphere of the hobby itself. The target group's interest circle is therefore specific and requires knowledge in a given area. Fans of fantasy and computer games are familiar with both phrases and comprehensive knowledge about the complexity of the character and the world presented. Often, also on their profiles in social media, they present photos of purchased products and express opinions about them and the operation of the shop itself. It is a group, characterized by a high degree of commitment, that is able to interact and express their opinions, exchanging them not only in the virtual world, but also in the real one - during meetings and all kinds of events, on which shop employees also try to be present.

    Reaching them with standard, sales phrases and photos of products does not bring the expected results and it is not very attractive. Deciding to publish content referring directly to the fields of interest of the shop, employees wanted potential customers to pay attention to the fact that being a geek is an interesting way of life, and the boxes offered will allow to enjoy their hobby even more. In addition, the customer at every stage has the feeling that they make use of a professional service and it is supported by experts in the field. Therefore, a solution that would allow new clients to be gained while maintaining high personalization of content was sought. While thinking about referral program, the emphasis was also on the ease of gaining new customers and the affordability of its installation on the platform on which the shop works on.

  3. Tests
  4. Before Refericon was implemented on the shop's website, it had been decided to test the application for 30 days for free. The configuration of the campaign by the person responsible for the application on the client's side lasted several minutes. Implementation of the application for the Magento platform was also successful and did not cause any difficulties. During the tests, customers referred the shop 48 times. Both the referrals and the receivers got a reward from the shop for trusting their products.

    This was made possible by the widget displayed on the website. The person visiting the shop can click on it and recommend the product to a friend. Each of the people received a thank-you together with the form of the prize, which was defined by the shop installing the application. Thanks to this, the referrer has motivation in the form of a reward for the command, while the receiving command is encouraged not only by a rebate, but also bases the purchase decisions on the reference by a friend. In total, the codes that were used by people who wanted to share a valuable product were 14 and 36 by people who were sent an order with information about the Pixel Box assortment from a loved one.

  5. Effects
  6. In January, the widget on the Pixel-Box website was clicked 1558 times. Which, in relation to the number of its views, gives 25.33% CTR. We assume that this is the result of the compatibility of the icon with the communication of the company urging to interact and share the impressions connected with the purchase. In addition, such a high clickthrough rate may be demonstrated by the fact of the specificity of the target group to which the shop's offer is addressed. As previously mentioned, it is a group with a high degree of involvement, which is often able to interact and express opinions without visible stimuli. They are also young people who have no difficulties moving around the network. Complementary elements, such as the icon, are enthusiastically accepted by them. Users easily interact with the icon. 48 referrals have been sent, out of which 14 were used by referrals and 36 by people to whom the recommendation has been sent. The purchase / referrals ratio was 29%, and 75% for the receivers. Referrals were carried out, both by providing an e-mail address - 39 referrals and via Facebook - 9 referrals.
Such good statistics were achieved thanks to the personalization of the campaign, which can be done through the panel. The content is as follows:
For a receiver:

You are the chosen one! Can you hear the flourish and the crowd shouting? Treasure guarded by the Orc Guard and the pack of mosquitos is yours! Here is the link to the sesame with a magic box that once a month can be yours. Both you, brave knight, and your friend have to click it in order to get 5% discount on your first Pixel-Box! Do not wait, click the link, save the world, get the gadgets and be the winner.

For a referral:

Thank you for recommending our shop to your friend! We hope both of you will be content. As a thank-you, here is 5% discount code. Pixel-Box team.

The cooperation between Pixel-Box and Refericon resulted in gaining new customers and increasing the number of visits on the website. Finally, 48 referrals were sent in January. A high rate of referrals for purchases was noted, it was 29% for referrals and 75% for receivers. This is an example of the strength referrals have, and it is extremely clear among the target group strongly focused on interaction - the dominant consumers pixelbox.pl The CTR itself was 25.33%. After the trial period, the shop decided to buy a light plan, which costs PLN 35 per month. Our cooperation with Pixel - Box continues and is open to new challenges.


Katarzyna Żubkowska
Refericon, Referral Marketing in eCommerce

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