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How did the photogadgets market leader gain new customers during the busiest time of the year for the industry thanks to the e-commerce referral program?
Colorland.pl is a part of Cyfrowa Foto company. In addition to the Colorland.pl website, the company also runs a few other websites. Cyfrowa Foto deals with photo souvenirs in a broad sense. Customers can order, i.a., photo books, photo calendars, prints, and business cards on particular web pages. Such a wide range makes Colorland.pl to have many customers. They could all create a city the size of Southampton – the number of them is 250,000. Yes, a large market is the reason for high competition, both in organic and paid results:
  1. SERP results in Google.com on February 27, 2018;
  2. Colorland.pl’s competitors include such a well-known and valued companies as fotojoker.pl and empikfoto.pl, which do not scrimp on advertising and try to reach the customer both off- and online. After the talks and the monitoring of statistics, we know that the period of our cooperation with Digital Photo fell on one of the busiest periods of the year for this industry – Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
  3. Challenge
  4. Cyfrowa Foto diversifies its marketing and sales activities, running many different websites with an offer assigned to them, addressed to separate target groups. It absorbs personal resources and time. In December/January the costs of paid advertising also increased. Therefore, a solution that could be introduced quickly, without IT support, and which would constitute an extension of marketing activities was sought in order to gain new clients. It was decided to test Refericon – referral program for e-commerce.
  5. Tests – 30 days
  6. Before the full implementation of Refericon, it was decided to test the application in November, only on the Colorland.pl website. Creating the campaign by a person working for Colorland.pl lasted several minutes, while the implementation itself took a moment – it was enough to paste JavaScript code through Google Tag Manager. During 30 days of free tests, the application generated: 824 recommendations, which transferred into several dozen purchases. 605 e-mail addresses for the newsletter were collected as well. The results turned out to be so satisfying that Refericon was decided to be implemented on other sites belonging to Cyfrowa Foto LLC.
  7. Effects
  8. In about a month and a half, from December to mid-January, thanks to our e-commerce referral program, Cyfrowa Photo enabled to recommend all of its services nearly 7,000 times, reaching new customers this way. In addition, we have gathered over 1,300 email addresses, 54% of which were addresses that previously were not in the company’s newsletter.
Statistics for Colorland.pl itself from the entire reported period of functioning of Refericon are as follows:
For the receivers of recommendation For referrals:
– 989 codes have been sent, – 989 codes have been sent,
– it transferred into 104 ordered products, – it transferred into 286 ordered products,
conversion: 10,5. conversion: 28,9.
Statistics for December itself, Refericon’s operation at Colorland.pl:
For the receivers of recommendation For referrals:
– 989 codes have been sent, – 989 codes have been sent,
– it transferred into 104 ordered products, – it transferred into 286 ordered products,
conversion: 10,5. conversion: 28,9.
Such a good effects have been achieved thanks to, i.a., full personalization, description optimization and attractive rewards in exchange for the command:
In addition to the statistics collected and shared by Colorland.pl, we also collected our own data. CTR was 3.7%, while the ratio of clicks to sent recommendations came to 14.1%. In December, on Colorland.pl website we achieved:
Widget displays: 189540 Icon clicks: 7017 Sent recommendations: 989
The period of our cooperation with Cyfrowa Foto took place during the most lucrative moment in the industry, the rates of paid advertising were growing:
All possible ways to gain new customers and traffic on the website mattered. Ultimately, in December, for the Colorland.pl website, we sent 989 recommendations and 390 purchases were generated in total (by referrals and the receiving recommendations). The heavy plan of our application cost £ 99 net. Our cooperation with Cyfrowa Foto continues and is gradually developing.

Referral marketing has always been one of the most important areas of promotional campaigns. However, we lacked the solution-tool which would allow us to use recommendations’ potential, keeping process automation. Refericon presented an offer and extended the app to us, claiming it would meet our expectations. Test month showed us it had been success. We still cooperate with Refericon and we eagerly wait for further development of the application.

Ewa Badura

Senior Marketing Specialist,, Colorland.pl

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